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Our "Natural Event" section explains potential problems created by Severe Solar Storms and disturbed by the Geomagnetic Field. Solar wind breaking through Earth’s magnetic shield disturbing density of the geomagnetic field creates "twister-like" distortion in the magnetic field of earth – a geomagnetic field vortex. Typical manifestation shows an extreme dense magnetic field inside this Vortex. Results - incidents listed in "Natural Events" section.

Let’s talk about why you feel so tired when you’re exposed to Solar Storms and Geomagnetic Turbulences. Radiation from underground sources, as well as EMFs radiating from the atmosphere at that level of manifestation, are drastically draining your energy. Additional information is here

For a long period of time Earth has been experiencing what is termed a ‘rapidly’ collapsing magnetic shield of the earth. This energy from outer space is leaking through the weakened geomagnetic shield. This compromises protection against Solar Wind. Earth experienced Severe Solar Storms in the past. We know that such event could be very harmful for any and all living creatures. Weak geomagnetic shield makes us vulnerable to Severe Solar Storms created by solar wind breaking through Earth’s magnetic shield protection. Additional protection could be very helpful for survival.

Disturbances in geomagnetic fields cause local increased or decreased density of geomagnetic field. Those electromagnetic fluctuations that are being caused by the rotation of our planet core are related to Mass Animal Deaths in past years including massive death of cows and buffalo. These natural phenomena caused brain shortage (cows are mammals, as we are) due to heavy metals in the brain. Fortunately for humans, we have less heavy metals in the brain than animals, but in the case of breaching geomagnetic shielding of the earth by solar wind, those disturbances in the geomagnetic field will increase exponentially placing us in the same position today as the animals.

MicroAlpha has designed special devices capable of shielding us from the devastating effects of Solar Storms and Geomagnetic Disturbances.

Now, on to the "how." When Earth Radiation Neutralizer is placed in the lowest level of your home or shelter (floor of the basement), you neutralize the EMFs radiating from underground (Geomagnetic Turbulences).

Using the Space Radiation Neutralizer, the EMFs attacking you from Solar Storms from above are diminished and neutralized.

You’ll be protected with the Side Severe EMFs’ Protection against the increased EMFs hitting your facility from all sides with the massive amount of energy from fluctuations of Solar Storms.

Neutralizing this overwhelming amount of radiation may be a critical factor of surviving natural events on a global scale. We are living in a time of unpredictable weather changes. Check our Natural Events section.
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